10 Budget-Friendly Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Looking for Stocking Stuffer ideas for the kiddos?

In addition to the typical buys (like socks, gum, and candy), step it up this year by tapping into the hottest trends among youngsters – WITHOUT breaking the bank!

I’ve rounded up some of the trendiest, cheap stocking stuffers that will keep the cheery smiles beaming all morning long. And the best part? They’re all under $10!

1.) PopSockets

PopSockets will become your whole family’s new favorite gadget! They’re offered in a wide variety of designs on Amazon and Best Buy for just $9.99, or you can choose to make your own with the website’s customizer. Read more about why they ROCK here!

2.) Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Just when you thought the Hatchimals craze was almost over, they’re back for more with Hatchimals CollEGGtibles! With over 70 Hatchimals to collect, they’re sure to keep your kids begging for more – don’t say you weren’t warned!

3.) Make-Your-Own Slime Kit

Have fun with your kiddos using this glitter glue to create shimmery slime! The Starter Pack includes three 6oz glitter glues and a DIY Galaxy Slime recipe. However, you can also check out Lina’s DIY for 3 Ingredient Puffy Slime – which I would RECOMMEND based on the Starter Pack reviews mentioning that the Galaxy Slime recipe is a total flop!

4.) Dollar Tree Toys

Don’t let the clutter of the toy aisle fool you – Dollar Tree has great stuffers mixed in with the junkier toys – and all are just $1! Keep your eyes peeled for My Little Pony Mini Figurines, Paw Patrol Mini Figures, My Littlest Pet Shop Rings, Matchbox Cars, Jumbo Coloring Books and more!

Be sure browse more options HERE and HERE, and keep in mind that everything is $1 or less at Dollar Tree!

5.) World’s Smallest Toys

Bring on the nostalgia with adorable mini versions of these classic toys! 😂 Choose from mini Etch-A-Sketch, Magic 8 Ball, and more! And the best part – they actually work!

Currently, JoAnn’s has these on clearance or shop on Amazon here or Target.com here. The World’s Smallest Gumby and Pokey Collectable is reduced to just $3.99 on Amazon AND the World’s Smallest Pez 2-Piece Set is only $3.99 on Target.com.

6.) Movies

Movies make awesome stocking stuffers and are so budget-friendly! We often post DVD and even Blu-ray movies deals for UNDER $5. Grab a few to take up some space in that stocking! Browse the recent movie deals we’ve posted here.

7.) Blind Bags

Shrunken down and full of surprises, blind bags fit right in as a perfect stocking stuffer! No matter what your kids are into, there’s a blind bag for everyone!

8.) Mini Play-Doh Singles

Snag these cute, mini canisters for on-the-go playtime! Or – to get more bang for your buck, grab this LARGE 36-count Mega Pack for $24.99 on Amazon. If you’d rather DIY, make your own with this super easy 2 ingredient play dough recipe!

9.) Mini Nutella Jar

Sensing a trend here? Anything “mini” is sure to be a BIG hit! Hide these tiny nutella jars somewhere on the Christmas tree to make a fun search for the kids. You may want to pick up extras just in case some of the jars happen to find their way into your purse! 😋

10.) Gift Cards

When all else fails (or you’re just exhausted from trying to be clever with stockings), you can never go wrong with gift cards and they definitely don’t need to be for large amounts.

Have other fun stocking stuffer ideas? Please share!

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