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Our site exists to help you find ways to live well with less money!

To do this, we spend many hours each day creating recipes to share, testing and sharing helpful money-saving tips, searching for the best online deals, store promotions, and free sample offers, and talking about products and services that may help you, the readers!

While we do share personal tidbits here and there, the main goal of this blog is to help everyone save money by finding great deals, freebies or even transform their current shopping/spending habits.

While we do our best to learn to live a frugal lifestyle, we are still learning more and more each day on how to cut back on the things that aren’t so important and hinder our goal of a debt-free life. As we are on this journey, we share the details of our findings and ideas with our readers, hoping to help them in some way or give them the inspiration they need to take a step towards a debt-free life, as well.

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