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When you start getting into couponing, you will realize that your pantry and the birth of any stockpile will soon revolve around nothing but store circulars and unadvertised deals. Doing a coupon match up is the best method in seeking great deals for shopping. Taking this route will not only allow you to place additional savings on top of the store’s low prices, but will increase your chances of getting products for free. Here is how to do coupon matchups.

  1. Take a thorough read on the store’s official coupon policy. This is vital to do because they tell you what kinds of coupons they accept, if they accept competitor’s coupons, if they double or triple coupons, if they accept expired coupons, how many coupons are accepted in one transaction, etc. Like a website’s terms of service, store and coupon policies do change over time, so be sure to keep yourself updated as much as possible. It’s always wise to print them out, as you may need them at the register when processing coupons.

2. Use your store’s circular ad. These prices are typically lower than the regular shelf price. Some prices can be considered a “rock bottom” price, where it will hit the lowest price of its sale cycle.

3. Use your price book. This will help you determine if the store circular price is truly a rock bottom price, sale price, or something to skip/not a bargain.

4. Create your shopping list solely on the circular ads. Make sure you’re only targeting on the sale and rock bottom prices.

5. Check your coupon organizer or directory. Remember that the coupons will need to be in range of any weight/size or specific details, if any. Always read the fine print and pay attention to the reading. You can only use one manufacturer coupon per item. If your coupon states, “Save $___ on two”, you must purchase two of the same items in order to use the coupon. Depending on your store coupon policy, you may use two “Save $___ on one” on a “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) sale.

6. Match any coupons with your shopping list. This is an easy example on a real life deal from Rite Aid:
Mentos UP2U Gum, 14 count – sale price $1.00 between February 26 and March 3
There was a “Save $1.00 off when you buy any one UP2U pack” in the February 5th SmartSource newspaper insert with an expiration date of March 31st.
Your initial transaction total will be $1.00.
After coupon(s), your gum will be free.

7. Add your coupons in an envelope. By doing so, when you get to the register, it will be altogether instead of all over the place. Write out your coupon shopping list on the outer part of the envelope for convenience.

8. Be on the lookout for unadvertised deals. Unadvertised deals are as good as store circular ad deals. These can either be valid as the same time range as circulars, a two week period, or a monthly deal. Never be afraid nor embarrassed in poking around the clearance rack; you will never know if a random product is in there while you have a coupon for it.

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