Five Holiday Shipping Tips From a FedEx Driver

Exactly how many boxes are arriving at your doorstep this week? 😮

Tis’ the season of online shopping! 🎁 With that said, chances are you have boxes arriving often from all of those HOT deals you’ve been scoring on Hip2Save! Need the doormat above? 🙋 Here ya go!

We recently received a few tips from an actual FedEx driver! Read below for their tips on ways to make your holiday deliveries go smoother, and to ensure your packages stay safe!

1. Go outside after dark to see if your address is visible. Common mistakes include painting the numbers the same color as the house, having a light too bright as it puts a glare on the numbers, and hanging Christmas decorations over the address.

2. When expecting a delivery, you can leave a tote on your porch for the delivery to be put in to help disguise and protect it. Other options include leaving just a porch door unlocked so package can be set inside the porch. Drivers can only secure your package for you if there’s a place to secure it. Some customers leave the garage door up just high enough to slide the package in. Use what works best for your situation.

3. FedEx now offers pick up service at Walgreens. They will hold your package until you can get off of work to retrieve it.

4. Remember there are things your driver cannot control such as the weather. They are trying to deliver all the packages as efficiently as they can so they can get home to their families. Asking them to explain why your package is late when there’s 8 inches of snow will just delay them longer.

5. Be nice!

Article originally posted by hip2save.

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