How to Coupon Without Spending Hours

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Heard about the extreme couponing craze but think you’re too busy to try it? Need to save money on your grocery bill but don’t have the time? No problem!

1. Make a list of the groceries you need. You save a lot of time by knowing what you’re looking for.

2. Take your list of groceries and visit a website that lists direct links to printable coupons.

3. Find the coupon categories that apply to your list and click them. You can probably find a coupon for almost everything on your list. Print them out. If they’re under Fifty cents each, be sure to print two (if allowed), as many stores still double coupons!

4. If you still have time, feel free to look around at the special deals. It can never hurt to try something new. (Especially when you get it for ten cents.)

5. Go to the store and use those coupons! (It helps to keep them in a binder or some other sort of organizer) Remember to check and see if you can use your doubles.

6. Look at your receipt and enjoy the money you saved.

SOURCEHow to Coupon Without Spending Hours
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