Oil Worker Wins One of Canada’s Largest Jackpots


Randall R, an Alberta oil worker,  had a hilarious response to winning one of Canada’s largest jackpots.

“I can finally pay off that parking ticket” he laughed.

Randal said six year ago he imagined the winning numbers. He wrote the numbers down and began playing them. For six years Randall would play these exact numbers every week.

While his numbers may have done the trick. Randall also has his cat ‘Conway Kitty’ to thank as well. The only reason he popped into the grocery store at the exact moment was to pick up some cat food. He decided at the counter to grab his weekly lotto tickets at the same time.

What does Randall have planned for his Jackpot winnings?

Randall says his new mission in life is to aid in humanitarian efforts. He has already started a trust fund for feeding hungry and homeless children around the world.

“A lot of people have nothing and I have so much. I want the money to do a lot of good even after I am gone.”

“You can’t take this with you; this is a tremendous amount of money,” he said. I’m looking at this as a gift from God and it’s a responsibility…”

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